Measure E 2014

You should vote “No” on Measure E.

Watch Phil Nielsen, former board member, explain to the board why this measure should be defeated.

Phil Nielsen

You should vote “No” on this measure because:

1. The projects to be funded are not well-defined.

2. Starting with a poorly defined project list is a recipe for running out of money.

3. Oversight is illusory when the projects are not defined.

4. This is a new obligation on top of the existing bond obligation that remains outstanding.

5. Borrowing long-term money for short-term needs is poor fiscal management.  Operating costs should be covered by the operating budget, not debt.

6. This is the third new bill for taxpayers in a short period of time to pay for local schools (we recently approved parcel taxes for SUSD and LGSUHSD).

7. The district has done nothing to address the issues identified by the Grand Jury.

8. The district has done nothing to address its excessive compensation practices.


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