I have posted a video of the 10/28/14 SUSD public hearing at which raises were granted to teachers, staff and administrators.

You will note that in contravention of the public’s rights under the State Constitution, the recording was stopped before the votes of your elected officials could be recorded. Almost 50 years ago the California courts recognized the right of the public to record the meetings of elected officials. The court observed:

Accuracy in reporting the transactions of a public governing body should never be penalized, particularly in a democracy, where truth is often said to be supreme.




Last night the SUSD board approved a retroactive raise and a raise for the next year. This is the deal:

TA 10-14

The administrators, with the exception of the superintendent, got the same deal:


The superintendent also got a new contract, but that one is not attached to the agenda:


With no evidence of recruiting or retention problems related to compensation, the board is now dipping into reserves to give more money to highly paid employees.

SUSD Makes the Papers

Reporter Melody Gutierrez of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote about school administrators reaping big rewards from public employment.

Did you know that about 150 superintendents make more than the Governor! The Chronicle prepared this chart:


SUSD ranks #21 on the chart.



When Measure B  was passed, the SUSD teachers were in the 96th percentile of teacher compensation according to pay scales and insurance benefits reported by the State for 2010-2011.

The State has now released the 2012-2013 pay scales.  The SUSD teachers have climbed ahead of the LGSUHSD district teachers to become the 5th highest paid teachers in the State.

2012-2013 teachers


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